S2E7: There is No Box feat. Jacquie Bird

We’re back this week with Jacquie Bird, a Brooklyn native whose expansive career started in a college dance studio has seen Broadway, writing, choreographing, dancing – you name it!

Jacquie brings her vibrant life story to the podcast to share how she’s seamlessly moved between genres and disciplines, learned to make the best decisions at the crossroads of her career, and take major risks. Along the way she’s become a prolific instructor who reminds her students not to “expect scarcity” as an artist.

Whether you’re a dancer looking for some golden tips to slay your next audition, or an artist facing your own choices, you will love this special time with Jacquie!

To learn more about Jacquie Bird, visit her site.

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Jacquie Bird

Jacquie Bird

There is No Box

How many times have you heard someone tell you to think outside of the box? For multi-talented performing artist Jacquie Bird, there simply is no box. Discover exactly what this means and how it might be the key to unleashing your creative power.

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