S2E8: New Sights feat. Chrisnatha Derosier

Our 20th episode is straight fire!! We speak with author and life coach Chrisnatha Derosier, who is an empowering woman with a message of hope and resilience for any creative who’s been stuck in a rut.

Chrisnatha talks about her journey to becoming an author and the trick she used to ensure that she completed her first book. In addition to owning her story she shares how she learned to be transparent with her audience and her loved ones.

If you are needing a push, looking for advice in your memoir journey or don’t know what to do with your life coach (for real!) Chrisnatha is here with all the answers!

To learn more about Chrisnatha, visit her site.

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Chrisnatha Derosier

Chrisnatha Derosier

New Sights

Sometimes it’s all too easy to feel stuck in a rut or incapable of finishing the goal you’ve set out to accomplish. Author and life coach Chrisnatha Derosier has been there, and she’s got an uplifting word for how every creative can overcome feelings of inadequacy and fulfill their purpose.

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