S2E4: There's Room For You feat. Jovelle Tamayo

This week, we’re joined by Jovelle Tamayo, a founding member of the Authority Collective–a relatively new organization that propels the work of WOC and non-binary POC working in film, photo, and AR/VR. Together, the group is working to broaden the lens of visual media, “close the distance around resources.”

Jovelle discusses image making, race and culture, how she learned the media of documentary photography and why community is more valuable than competition.

In this episode, we explore why both insider and outsider narratives are needed, how to hold our favorite institutions accountable, and how these image-making has real effects on the way we interact with one another.

To learn more about Jovelle Tamayo visit: http://www.jovelle.photo/.

To learn more about the Authority Collective visit: http://www.authoritycollective.org/

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Jovelle Tamayo

Jovelle Tamayo

There’s Room For You

Creating art doesn’t have to be a competition. Making images is a responsibility that impacts culture and society. These are just some of the values that Jovelle Tamayo, of the Authority Collective, shares in this episode.

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