S1E8: Beautiful Things Take Time feat. Michelene Wilkerson

Episode eight is full of wisdom and thoughts from freelance photographer and New York-based artist Michelene Wilkerson, who is the founder the Black media arts hub, Soul Elevated.

Michelene is an entrepreneur at heart with experience in the publishing industry and photography. Her experimentation with social media curating (long before Instagram had a “save” button) and mood boards lead to the founding of Soul Elevated, where she flexes her intuitive eye for catching emerging artists before they make it big.

This episode, our conversation includes thoughts on freelancing, what makes a good curator, building network, and some soul-stirring thoughts on patience that might even change your life.

To learn more about Soul Elevated visit: http://soulelevated.co/

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Enjoy the episode and remember to Create & Connect!

Michelene Wilkerson

Michelene Wilkerson

Beautiful Things Take Time

What is curating? And how much hustling does it take to freelance anyway? Michelene Wilkerson discusses all of this, plus building network, fighting social media trends and cheering yourself on.  

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