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We’re the latest feature on Podchaser’s blog: Chasing Pods #24 where we speak a little more about our journey to making this podcast and what it means. Hope you will enjoy!

“I think that most people can look back at their lives and see the people who have acted as mentors, and if they can’t they can probably look back and see where they wish they had had someone to bounce ideas off of and hear wisdom from. For women in the arts, Meraki Mentors, hosted by Candace Howze, is looking to step into that role of mentoring.

We do our best to feature women in different fields of the arts, women who are living or working in creative ways. So we might think of that in the different fields of the arts, or any other way that someone might expand that idea… and basically just kind of create a community where they have a platform to share what they do and that women who are doing the same thing or aspiring to do that kind of work themselves can kind of hear from these women and get insight into how they were able to pursue the work that they do…”

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