S2E10: Spark Peace feat. Kimberly Sumpter

In today's episode with sit down with Kimberly Sumpter, the NJ-based candlemaker behind Wax Kandy, a business that creates hand-poured scented premium candles.

Kimberly fell in love with candle-making and now sells custom scents and leads workshops for novice and emerging candle-makers. Her path wasn't always this easy, as she faced personal obstacles in her work that sparked a chance in her business.

Discover why Kimberly believes the candle is such an important symbol of life, how to know it's time to move on from something, and some tips for lighting your next candle.

To learn more about Kim, visit her site.

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Kimberly Sumpter

Kimberly Sumpter

Spark Peace

Candlemaker Kimberly Sumpter joins the podcast to discuss the art of candlemaking, her studio community, her favorite scents and why it’s so important to make a shift when your work begins to deplete you.

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