S2E1: Make a Plan feat. Napturalista's Rynae Lindsey

Meraki Mentors is BACK with a discussion about Napturalista Moji, an Oakland-based startup that’s bringing a whole new level of diversity to the emoji game. With a mission to bring culture and inclusivity to the emoji space, this woman-centered business has tons of lessons to share.

Rynae Lindsey of Napturalista Moji talks about the critical role that teamwork, planning, and patience played in creating their app, which features Black women as emojis. From creating brand awareness and merchandise to using their unique skill sets and funding their own projects, this creative team uses their creativity in the tech field every day.

From idea conception to fighting through fatigue (“make it happen...even if it feels impossible or takes forever”) this season opener is sure to have you aiming high in your creative endeavors and getting the job done!

To learn more about Napturalista Moji visit: www.napturalistamoji.com.

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Napturalista Moji

Napturalista Moji

Make a Plan

So often we think about taking a few steps forward, but have you ever considered working your way back to get ahead? That’s exactly how Rynae Lindsey and her team at Napturalista Moji created an app to revolutionize texting.

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