S1E11: Coach Yourself to Wellness feat. DoubleLinkks

In episode 10 of Meraki Mentors, Kimyona and Keoyona Ray of DoubleLinkks serve up some enlightening facts about wellness, the role of art in individual healing and what a life coach really does.

These twin sisters work as traveling nurses, a truly creative full-time gig that allows them to spread their passion for wellness around the nation and see more of the world. Through it all, they’re determined to help individuals from all walks of life return to “a simple way of living.”

You’ll learn exactly what that means, how they incorporate art into their path to wellness, and why your creative block might be a sign that your mind needs a little TLC.

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As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

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Kimyona and Keoyona of DoubleLinkks

Kimyona and Keoyona of DoubleLinkks

Coach Yourself to Wellness

Although we claim to be free spirits, living as an artist can be just as stressful at time as your peers in the “rat race.” Kimyona and Keoyona, both life coaches, share a few tricks to break creative blocks and feel more whole.

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