S1E6: Self-Taught Mastery feat. Damola Akintunde

Episode six features photographer Damola Akintunde, a freelance photographer based in North Carolina. Damola has created several photographic projects and collaborated with Adidas and Elle South Africa during a recent trip to Cape Town.

Damola was first introduced to the field of photography in a 7th grade yearbook class, and since then she has cultivated her talent independently to create a body of work that is breathtaking and moving. Her portraits of women and herself draw the viewer to see beauty in a new light, and it’s part of the mission of her platform the Authentic We.

We talk with Damola about her inspirations, how she learned to shoot so well, how “art can be incorporated into so many different fields,” sharing your voice with the world, and why YouTube is so important.

As always, this episode features the following music: Aspire by Scott Holmes, and Purple Light by Blue Dot Sessions.

To learn more about Damola visit: https://www.damolaakintunde.com.

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Damola Akintunde

Damola Akintunde

Self-Taught Mastery

Wondering if you need formal training to master your art? Damola Akintunde discusses how she connects with subjects to create moving portraits, and how YouTube helped her find her stride.

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